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About Aida

It’s that classic story of friends from high school who fall out of touch, reconnect while working at a craft beer bar and a speciality wine store in New York City, and eventually decide to open a wine bar that leads into a line of eating and entertaining essentials.


Well, it feels pretty normal to us.
Aida began in the tiny kitchen at Lois, our all-tap wine bar on Avenue C aka Loisaida Avenue.
Lois Aida
(get it?)
Between the bar and party-planning at home, we became obsessed with creating quality dishes that were at once surprising and comforting for our customers and friends. Aida is a selection of our most versatile favorites: crackers to put out when friends stop by unexpectedly or blend up into breadcrumbs; nuts you can add to popcorn for a Netflix night in or to salads for lunch; and cookies you can devour in one sitting or turn into a pie crust. These are our pantry staples and party essentials and we hope they become yours too!

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